About Paul

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From my early teenage years I have had a great interest in geology and how the underlying formations translate into the wide variety of beautiful landscapes across the British Isles. From the most rugged rocky outcrops of the north to the Jurassic coast in the south and the native plant life that each support.

I thoroughly enjoy being able to interpret this in landscape photographs: my hope is to be able to convey as much as possible of nature’s natural beauty. I hope that by sharing what I see that others can enjoy and be inspired by it too.

Much of my working life has been spent in a corporate environment and I have found through photography an excellent way to relax, stay in touch with nature and provide balance in my life.

I have been a user of most camera types but now use the 5x4 film view camera and more recently a digital field camera for nearly all my landscape work because of the control it gives me to emphasise my interpretation of the scene and the quality that it can help me produce. I use manual focus digital Leica Monochrom for other work, again because of the control and quality it can give.

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